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Half Price Wings
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Steak Sandwich
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Half Price Apps
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Wing and Rib Combo
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Back Rib Day at St. Louis
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Sundays Special
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  • Half Price Wings
  • Steak Sandwich
  • Half Price Apps
  • Wing and Rib Combo
  • Back Rib Day at St. Louis
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Top Franchise in Canada for a Secure Investment

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If you are tired of working for someone else and have the know-how to operate a restaurant franchise, perhaps it is time to start looking at the top franchises in Canada. You could go with the comfortable franchises with big names that everyone knows, but where is the challenge in that? Many big name companies operate their headquarters outside of Canada, which means all of your hard earned money stimulates other economies. Keep your local economy growing with a Canadian-owned and operated franchise such as St. Louis Bar and Grill. With over 20 years in operation, this company really knows how to grow a Canadian franchise.
Benefits of Franchising
Some might ask why you would invest in a franchise instead of starting your own business. The obvious answer might be the proven sales record with the franchised company, however, there is far more to it than that. Investing in a great franchise also means that you will have the support of the company behind you as you get your feet wet as a new business owner. New businesses often fail because the owner has invested everything they own into start-up costs. When the idea doesn't take off quickly or sales are slow to start, the new business owner may find paying the bills near impossible. Throwing in the towel becomes the only option for many at this point. With a proven franchise, you have the support you need in those crucial first years of business. Your name is already out there and the company looks after national advertising for you. So the first steps of the "new” business have been taken care of for you. More than that though, top franchising companies in Canada also help with hiring and training staff for the grand opening. This can be invaluable to securing a competent staff base.
Franchises worth Looking at
In the top-listed franchises in Canada, the number one reason people chose to invest with them is because of the structure and support of a successful franchise system. You don't need a big internationally known name in order to run a successful franchise. Success can come from a franchise that started local and stayed local for its entire existence. One notable franchise, St. Louis Bar and Grill, has locations all over Ontario. It started out in Toronto and has built its success marketing its famous wings to local audiences. A neighbourhood bar or restaurant were the guestsfeel "at home” makes for a successful, lasting investment.
Plan Before You Buy
Whether you are looking to invest in an international franchise or an all-Canadian one, you should always plan before you purchase. Take a look at all that the franchise has to offer. Know the sales records of the franchises around you. Talk to other franchise owners. If they are happy they will want to tell you and if they aren't they will want to tell everyone! Visit a franchise location and speak to the staff and the patrons. If anyone can give you an idea of where the company is going, it will be the people that work on the front lines. Once you are satisfied that you know all you need to know, get started and enjoy all that being a business owner has to offer!
We are actively seeking franchise partners for the following 2013 target markets:
• Stoney Creek
• Hamilton
• Brockville
• Kitchener
• Cambridge
• Guelph
• Petawawa
• Belleville
• St. Catherine’s
• Niagara Falls
• Cobourg
• Courtice
Now offering Restaurant Conversion Programs. Please contact us for details.
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